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 Beautify Pullman is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt charitable organization founded in 2020 to promote beautification and restoration in Pullman, Michigan. The focus of Beautify Pullman is on spaces that exist for the benefit all members of the Pullman community, including the Four Corners intersection at 109th Avenue and 56th Street, the Historic Lee Township Cemetery, the Pullman Post Office, Ravenswood Park and other township parks. The role of Beautify Pullman is to identify projects of significant impact to the community, to raise funds, and to coordinate the efforts of many stakeholders.


It is the goal of Beautify Pullman to raise funds and complete the Four Corners beautification project in 2021. Other smaller projects will be taken on in 2021 as well. To achieve its goals, Beautify Pullman works with stakeholders, including Lee Township, local business and property owners, landscapers and other contractors, organizations providing volunteers including Love INC and the Linking Center, and the residents of Pullman.



The founding members of the Beautify Pullman bring a wealth of knowledge of the Pullman community, nonprofit management and landscape design.

President Deborah Laraway is a fifth generation Pullman resident, local business owner and active community leader. She was previously PTO President at Pullman Elementary and a 4H leader, and currently heads the volunteer Pullman Library and the Lee Township beautification committee.


Vice President Shirley Kay, a former emergency room nurse practitioner, is an 18-year resident of Pullman and active community volunteer who was instrumental in establishing the Lee Township Community Center.


Secretary Judy Neafsey is a retired pediatrician who served for many years as Chairperson of the Board of Directors of the nonprofit Reach Out and Read of Illinois.


Treasurer Patricia Conway is a retired executive experienced in managing multimillion dollar budgets, and served for many years as a board member and President of the nonprofit Voorheesville Community and School Foundation in New York State.

Director Marlana Garcia is an artist and leads youth programs at the Linking Center in Pullman.


Horticultural Consultant : Christopher Hart of Hartscapes, LLC is a horticulturist and local business owner specializing in landscape designs that highlight native Michigan plants.

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