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Pullman, Michigan is an unincorporated, rural community in Lee Township, Allegan County historically known for logging and lumber mills, for agriculture, and as a recreation destination. Lumber mills and other industries are now gone, but the community of Pullman retains a strong sense of pride among its residents and the many visitors who come to enjoy its natural beauty.  



In 2018, the per capita income in Lee Township was $15,238, approximately one half of the per capita income of Allegan County and the State of Michigan ( The population of Lee Township in 2018 is reported as 4126 (, and the 2020-2021 General Fund Budget for Lee Township is a modest $546,147.  The township does not have a parks department or economic development blueprint to prioritize and guide community projects in Pullman. The involvement of volunteers and nonprofit organizations to bring services and improvements to Pullman is critical.



What Pullman lacks in financial and municipal resources it makes up for with community pride and a spirit of volunteerism.  Several community events are sponsored by local volunteers and organizations such as the VFW Memorial Day Parade, Pullman Pride Day in July which raises scholarship funds, a Halloween Trunk or Treat, and a Holiday Social in December with caroling, food, and a visit by Santa with a gift for every child.  Even the illuminated wreaths that adorn Main Street during the winter holidays are installed by community volunteers.

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