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Imagining the Future: Beautify Pullman looks to 2023

As 2022 winds down, Beautify Pullman is reflecting on the past and planning for the future. We live in a community of tremendous good will and potential. Through survey results, countless conversations and close collaboration with other community groups, we are planning for our third year of operations.

Over the first two years of Beautify Pullman’s existence, with a show of unity and strength from volunteers and donors, we’ve made some very big changes in our little town.

The list starts with flower planters and a history mural in our first year; and in our second? A lovely new park designed for use by every segment of the community and a StoryWalk created for young children and their families.

With a foundation in place, there are opportunities to grow our mission in ways that were not possible before.

Picture a thriving Farmer’s Market in the Town Square Pavilion—imagine people having new ways to provide healthy, nutritious meals. Even though we live in the midst of farms, fields and orchards, Pullman is considered a food desert. For Farmer’s Market vendors and customers, buying and selling locally will become a reality.

Our survey tells us a concert series in the Pavilion would be another way for us to gather and build community spirit. We’ve already started a new tradition of Sundays In The Park made possible by working with our neighbors.

We’ve learned that our only limit is our imagination and the need to imagine a future in our township without limits. A community that works together for the betterment of the whole is a community that thrives. Dreams are coming true in Lee Township and we thank you once again for your help and commitment.

December 2022

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